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Jin's Rice Store

Jin's Rice Store

Jin's Rice Store is a proprietary brand running by Park Lane by Splendor in the Sixth Market, a pioneering traditional market introduced to a department store in Taiwan. Jin means gold in Chinese. Each grain is treated and preserved as gold at the store to provide customers with the best quality of rice. The store is refurbished in a contemporary style and retains natural texture like wood and linen in the interior. The rice is mainly displayed in the frontage to increase footfall and the longevity of a visit. The spatial layout also creates a smooth store flow for customers and staff in the limited space. 

| Role | Branding

            Concept development

            Interior design and decoration 

| Year | Aug 2017

| Location | the Sixth Market,

                   Park Lane by Splender,

                   Taichung, Taiwan

| Company project at CMP Group | 

Site research

interview with local rice shop owner
Jin's Rice Store
Jin's Rice Store
Jin's Rice Store

Spatial layout experiement

Jin's Rice Store


all rice buckets are coated with organic wood vinegar for protection
Jin's Rice Store

Rice display

Jin's Rice Store
Jin's Rice Store

Farmer cards

the card provides the information of farmer, place of production, etc
Jin's Rice Store

Shopping experience

| Credit |

Company: CMP Group (Lifestyles and Retailing Department)

Graphic design: EZ Chien

Package Design: Janyi Lu

Interior Design and Execution: Studiobase Architects, Design Group

Concept Development: EZ Chien and Janyi Lu

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