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Vibrant Paths

Vibrant Paths

Vibrant Paths is a graphic aesthetic wayfinding strategy to welcome the launch of the Elizabeth Line and also to remedy the fractured public realm surrounding the major transport hub in Paddington, within the City of Westminster, central London. We believe a strong identity is vital to rebrand this district. Divided into mobility, daily life, attractions and nature, each route followed by a unique pattern leads passengers to reveal distinct narrative aspects of Paddington. With the redesign and transformation of existing street elements like signages, lighting and pipelines, Vibrant Paths aim to vastly enhance permeability and provide commuters and locals with an interactive and sustainable experience. 

| Role | Concept development

            Graphic design


| Year | Jun 2019

| Location | Paddington, London, UK

| Client | The Paddington Partnership

| Award | Paddington Connections Competition


Paddington area

Elizabeth Line on construction at Eastbourne Terrace
Vibrant Paths
Vibrant Paths

Starting Point

Patterns to Follow

Space Appropriation

Design strategy

transform the area into colourful interventions that show visitors the best ways to explore the area
Vibrant Paths

4 categories, 4 elements

abstract Paddington’s landscape into 4 simple elements
Vibrant Paths

Pattern variation

from elements to patterns
Vibrant Paths

Patterns to follow

patterns become a unique path guiding passengers to different directions
Vibrant Paths
Night View

Space activation

adding colours, lights and interactive installations to bring the Bays to life
Vibrant Paths
Day View
Vibrant Paths

New urban furniture

Vibrant Paths

Patterns on the crossing

| Credit |

Spatial Design: Yaatzil Ceballos Fernandez and Maria Rugeles

Concept Development: Yaatzil Ceballos Fernandez and Maria Rugeles

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